• Tilted display with curved canopy offers great visibiliy while maintaing hygiene
  • Sliding lid minimises energy consumption and keeps contents cool on display Included internal frame to accomodate baskets
  • Temperature Range: -22ËšC to -14ËšC
  • 1 Year warranty for labour and partsWhether you sell gelato in cones or keep ice cream in tubs at your shop, one of our commercial gelato and ice cream freezers is bound to meet your expectations. 
  • The GD0007S Chest Freezer Gelato Display is a versatile piece of equipment perfect for restaurants, creameries, bakeshops, and even the local delis. 
  • It offers great visibility for the cool and sweet treats sold. 
  • A tilted display mechanism gives those delicious looking tubs and cups of ice cream maximum exposure. A curved canopy maintains food hygiene. 
  • This chest freezer has an internal frame that can accommodate baskets that hold ice cream sandwiches, ice pops, and other sweet treats on a stick. 
  • Finally, a sliding lid minimises energy consumption and keeps contents cool and fresh while being on display.

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