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SKOPE-connect, the most powerful commercial refrigeration monitoring app available can now be used in any fridge, freezer or cool room from any manufacturer. All you have to do is place a SKOPE-connectEYE in your appliance or cool room, connect to the app and start monitoring temperatures.

The SKOPE-connectEYE is a small, simple, easy to install, and affordable way for small businesses to start improving the way you use refrigeration. It's not just about effective food safety or minimising food waste, it's also about having more peace of mind that your fridges are continuing to work for you.

Using the free SKOPE-connect app, you can see the performance of all of your refrigeration assets in all your sites - including the latest SKOPE ranges fitted with SKOPE-connect technology or those products fitted with an EYE.

You can also download up to 2 months of temperature data in a spreadsheet form, giving you the overall temperature knowledge of your appliances. With a battery life of up to 3 year in a freezer and 5 years in a fridge, you don't have to worry about constantly removing to recharge.

Product features

  • Dimensions 107(H) x 42(W) x 27(D)mm
  • Supplier Model Number SZ106222
  • Weight 70g
  • Take the hassle out of HACCP compliance
  • Avoid food wastage -receive an alert when your product is going outside approved temperatures
  • Track door openings on your refrigeration to better understand customer demand
  • Suitable both for merchandising/product testing and impact on refrigeration performance
  • Download 2 months of temperature data in spreadsheet form
  • Easy Installation - Install in minutes and no need for a technician
  • Temperature range: -35 to 40 degrees celsius
  • Battery Life: Up to 3 years for a freezer and up to 5 years for fridges
  • Monitor any Fridge with SKOPE-connectEYE
  • Simplify and support compliance management


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