Aerate your red or white wine with a fast and effective gadget such as the Avanti Deluxe Wine Aerator. This simple aerator speeds up decanting process offering you the perfect aeration in the same time you need to pour a glass. The aerator functions to circulate air throughout your wine for it to draw in air at your desired level, stimulating up to 6 hours of decanting. This brilliant gadget will trigger oxidation and certain compounds producing a better aroma, flavour and a smoother finish. You can adjust the stainless steel band to boost or lessen the speed of decanting on the type of wine. All you need to do is to pour your wine through the aerator and directly into a wine glass.


  • Stimulates up to 6 hours of decanting instantly
  • Enhance aroma and flavours
  • High quality stainless steel selection band
  • Acrylic strainer filters sediments
  • Integrated aeration intake
  • Non-drip standIncludes travel pouch BP
  • PA freeDishwsher safe

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