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Looking for plates with the perfect combination of practical and stylish? Then the Olympia Fusion round coupe plate will be perfect for you. Thanks to the porcelain material these plates are both strong and sturdy allowing them to withstand daily customer-facing environments.

Also, the charcoal colour creates a stylish and sophisticated look that helps to highlight vibrant ingredients.

Boasting the dark, reactive glaze finish gives each plate it's own unique look allowing it to easily fit into the environment while also allowing the food to stick out.

And the glaze improves colour retention and stain resistance allowing it to be cleaned easily and used often without showing visible change.

Featuring the unglazed foot prevents the plates from slipping when setting down so staff can easily serve customers without risks of dropping.

Product features

  • Dimensions 20(H) x 203(D)mm
  • Material Porcelain
  • Weight 350g
  • Finished with a Dark Reactive Glaze
  • Handwashing is recommended
  • Glaze also improves colour retention and stain resistance
  • Unglazed foot
  • Each Piece is Unique
  • Protected by Edge Chip Warranty
  • Striking Food Display
  • Foot: not glazed


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