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Sous Vide

Apuro Portable Sous Vide Machine 40Ltr
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Apuro Portable Sous Vide Machine 40Ltr..

Model: 840DM868-A
The highly compact and portable Apuro Portable Sous Vide 1500W is ideal for professionals on the move. Made from robust and easy to clean stainless steel, it has a clear LCD display, a low water level detection alarm, precise temperature control and...
PolyScience Chef Series Sous Vide 7001-000
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PolyScience Chef Series Sous Vide 7001-000..

Model: 762PS7001.000
The Sous Vide Professional™- Chef series sets the standards for sous vide cooking. It was developed to meet the requirements of the world’s best chefs and adds a whole new dimension of control to your kitchen. Its aesthetics, easy...
Vitras Sous Vide Bath 8L
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Vitras Sous Vide Bath 8L..

Model: 470SVK0320
Sous Vide Cooker 8L Magnetic driven water circulation system Temperature range 40â—¦-90â—¦C Time setting can be adjusted form 10 minutes to 72 hours Useable tank dimensions: 310 x 220 x 130 (h) mm Frame holder and inserts available  ...